Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure



3001981-dr-doom-001In the comics Victor Von Doom once said:  “How to destroy a man:  give him his heart’s desire.”

If that is the case I imagine many Marvel Comics fans will be destroyed by today’s new offering from Sideshow Collectibles–the Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure.

This is the second Premium Format release of the Fantastic Four baddie.  The first Dr. Doom Premium Format was released in 2006.  Only 1,000 of the regular edition were made, and only 500 of the exclusive (which came with a bonus chalice and base).  Being an early release in Sideshow’s Marvel Comics line and so limited has made the price skyrocket on eBay–the exclusive edition recently sold for over $3,200!  That Doom and his goblet have long been the holy grail for many Marvel collectors, myself included.  Even the more common regular edition, without the golden cup, sells for over $2,000.  This has simply priced most people out of getting Dr. Doom in their Premium Format collection.

Now frustrated Doom fans have their chance with this new release, and Sideshow has made sure this new Doom is very different from the last.  While the 2006 release had Doom contemplative, sitting on his throne, this release shows Doom ready for action, standing, fist clenched.  The Sideshow Exclusive Edition even comes with a swap-out hand holding a gun, showing his lethal intent.

A combination of polystone and soft goods, this new Doom stands nearly 2-feet tall and weighs 12 lbs.

You’ve seen what the previous Sideshow Exclusive Doom sells for, so why are you still reading this?  Hurry and secure your Exclusive Doom today!  It is expected to ship next May, and Flex Pay is available.


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