Pre-Order Alert: Hot Toys Iron Man Mark XXXVI – Peacemaker




Tony Stark is going to keep the peace with this new armor — the Iron Man Mark XXXVI, Peacemaker Armor!

Now, I know what you’re asking:  was this even in Iron Man 3?  Well, per the Iron Man Wikiyes!  It is in the bottom right corner of this picture:



902253-iron-man-mark-xxxvi-peacemaker-003I mean, with such a screen presence, how is your Hot Toys collection complete without The Peacemaker?

I kid a little, but obviously there is no way to sell any fan or collector on The Peacemaker armor.  For selective Hot Toys figure fans, this one may be easily skipped.  For Iron Man fans and Hot Toys completists then this is a must.

Still, significance aside, Hot Toys has produced another great figure.  This armor is an addition to their highly detailed, excessively articulated Movie Masterpiece Series, not a Power Pose Series figure.  So you’re getting the usual, amazing Hot Toys sculpt standing almost 13.5-inches tall, with over 30 points of articulation.  Also continuing the high quality and impressive features, this figure has LED lit eyes and chest RT, plus three pairs of hands and a decorative base.  More, it has “caution” stickers for decoration.

Still, we’ve come to expect that from every Hot Toy Movie Masterpice figure.  What is surprising about The Peacemaker though is the price–coming in at only $269.95 this one is less than recent Iron Man is $15 less than the recent Bones Armor release.

So head over to to check it out, and if you order please remember to use our affiliate link to support this site and our podcast Marvelicious Toys!


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