SOLD OUT: Hot Toys Captain America – Golden Age MOVIE PROMO VERSION from Winter Soldier film.

Hot Toys Captain America - Golden Age Suit - MOVIE PROMO Version

Yesterday we announced Sideshow Collectibles has offered the Captain America – Golden Age Suit Movie Promo Version of the figure.  Today we have to announce that this figure sold out in less than 24 hours.   The figure is now going for over $400 on eBay, versus the $209.99 retail price.

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, Hot Toys’ Movie Promo Versions of figures are highly limited, soar in price on the secondary market, and thus are snatched up by collectors and speculators alike.  With Captain America selling out even faster than the previous Movie Promo Iron Man Mark VII this seems to be increasing.

But if you want this Captain America in his classic suit, needed if you want to recreate the climactic battle from The Winter Soldier film, all hope is not lost.  Sideshow has opened the Wait List on this item.  But do not hesitate–Wait List orders are filled first come first serve.

Sideshow’s Wait List allows collectors who missed out on a piece to hopefully score one due to cancelled orders, credit card declines, or unexpected stock increases.  But the earlier you get on the Wait List the greater your chances of actually getting this piece at retail price and not having to scour eBay for it.

So do not delay.  If you even think you want this figure, head to Sideshow now to get on the Wait List.  And remember with future exclusive and Movie Promo Version Hot Toys–a preorder made is a hundred dollars saved.

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