Podcast: Vol 2, #33: I Got My Mojo

A review of the Mojoworld box set, the single-release Mojo, Marvel Snap, and more!

With no sales booth at SDCC Hasbro’s Marvel Legends exclusive went online. It was the Mojoworld box set with Mojo (sporting a deluxe paint job), Longshot, Dazzler, and….a chibi Wolverine? These exclusive sets are arriving now from Hasbro Pulse, and Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin have theirs in-hand. Join them on this episode for an in-depth review of these figures, and how it compares to the Toy Biz release.

Also on this episode, the new Marvel game is taking the internet by storm. Marvel Snap is a card-battler that takes only a couple minutes to play, but can become a time-consuming obsession! Arnie gives an in-depth look and review of this game.

With a Haslab Hellcharger post-mortem, a follow-up on the Marvel Unlimited exclusive Daredevil figure, and more, it’s all in this new issue of the Marvelicious Toys podcast (and video podcast)!

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