Marvelicious One-Shot — A GIANT Haslab

The fourth Hasbro Marvel Legends HasLab is live! After last year’s misfire with the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance, Hasbro goes back to what has worked before: big action figures! But this is the smallest of the three Legends HasLab figures…and comes in at the smallest price.

On this Marvelicious Toys One-Shot, Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin convene to review this highly-articulated big fig and decide whether they’re going to back this project (and, if so, for how many)!

Also on this new episode, a discussion of Hasbro deciding to return to window-packaging, a look at the Street Humans toy line Kickstarter, and much more!

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Hasbro’s Giant Man HasLab Project
Street Humans Kickstarter

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