Daily Figure Review #5: Sugar Man Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure (2020 Release)

Today’s figure I’m working with is the awesome Sugar Man Build-A-Figure. I love crazy character designs and this certainly is one. It’s great that Hasbro added him to the Legends line.

For those who remember, Toy Biz did a version of this character in their “Mutant Monsters” line. That said, I never expected to see a version of him with the great paint apps and good articulation that Marvel Legends is known for. Leave it to the current Hasbro Legends team to do an Age of Apocalypse-themed wave where this (very minor) character can finally get his due.

It’s also hysterical to me that the Jean Gray figure had to be packaged sideways to make room for Sugar Man’s massive head.

The figure himself has double-jointed arms (all four of them), though not much can be done in terms of posing as the arms bump into each other. And his head is so heavy the legs need to stay pretty static to support the weight of the figure.

Plus, he has flare on his outfit, so he’s ready to moonlight at Chotchkie’s (though it may be the bare minimum amount of flare).

I just love this figure.

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