Daily Figure Review #7: Fin Fang Foom 2008 Build-A-Figure Marvel Legends

Today’s pull from my shelf is the old Fin Fang Foom BAF. One of the most sought-after figures from a Hulk wave whose prices are crazy high on the secondary market.

It’s a great figure, if not too small for the Legends line (but scales much better with the old 3.75” Universe line). The two shades of green have a nice, subtle gradient to them which makes this figure not look too plastic-y.

Sadly, we never got the orange Foom repaint shown at SDCC (Official Hasbro photos below). And it seems unlikely from the teases that Foom will be this year’s Marvel HasLab (though it would be a guaranteed shoo-in). So until or unless that happens, this is the best Foom there is!

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