Daily Figure Review #8: Gladiator Hulk (2023 Deluxe Figure, Amazon Exclusive) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure: the new Deluxe Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk. Incredible paint detail on the war paint and nice, bulky accessories make this rerelease is a nice upgrade to the old 2017 Build-A-Figure.

Firstly, the accessories are now a movie-accurate gray color. Then this figure comes with a new “roaring” head, as well as the “sad Hulk” head that came with the 2017 version. As the gladiator helmet is removable, you can put it on either head.

You also get a fist for his right hand, in case you want him in a “Hulk Smash” pose instead of with his weapons. Personally, I’ll be displaying this figure as he appeared first in the ring in Thor: Ragnarok–a weapon in each hand and a large, roaring face.

His shoulder pauldron is now a brighter blue as well.

Overall it is an upgrade and a way for those who missed the figure six years ago to get it today. Plus, the price is not bad at all–only $39.99 for an exclusive Deluxe Legends figure. These days when regular figures are reaching $25 or more, that seems like a good deal for such a large figure with so many accessories.

I love seeing it on my shelf!

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