Daily Figure Review #12: Magneto (X-Men ’97 Wave, 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure, a new find over the weekend, is being added to my shelf: Magneto from the X-Men ‘97 wave of Legends! I found him in the aisle at Target. Love that surprise of new figures on pegs!

Magneto is a fairly basic figure in terms of accessories. There’s no alternate, unhelmeted head, no power effects, but you do get two sets of hands: fingers outstretched or fist hands.

Still, the figure itself is very cool with the sculpted cape which swoops over his shoulders. Also, the paint on his face is very detailed. He seems to be wearing a bit of eye shadow, which doesn’t look as odd as it sounds.

The red of Magneto’s outfit shines well and splits the difference between a too-animated look and the standard Legends style. This figure doesn’t stick out when placed among my other Legends, and yet there is a brightness that befits the X-Men Animated series.

A promising start to what seems to be an exciting wave!

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