Hasbro Reveals FANTASTIC New Marvel Legends at 2019 New York Comic-Con

Hasbro revealed 10 new Marvel Legends figures today at an off site event in New York City.

The most surprising announcement is of a new Legends figure coming in Spring of 2020 — Stan Lee, as he appeared in his cameo in the 2012 Avengers movie. He comes with two accessories — a chessboard, like he had in his cameo, and a Captain America shield emblazoned with Lee’s signature.

This figure is not an exclusive; however, it is going up on Target for pre-order today, October 3rd. It will be available through other outlets later and ships in Spring of 2020.

Also revealed were three new X-Men Legends figures: Sunspot, Thunderbird, and Deadpool in his Blue outfit (which should take some of the heat off the old Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive figure)

These will be part of the 2020 figure wave with the Strong Guy Build-A-Figure.

Finally, an entire wave of figures was revealed — the Fantastic Four will be released in their modern outfits (and no, this time they’re not Walgreens exclusives)

This wave includes Mr. Fantastic (with alternate hands), Invisible Woman (with the new “shield” effect accessory), Johnny Storm (with normal hands as well as “flamed on” hands), Thing, Dr. Doom (with interchangeable head), and Hulk (She-Hulk after dropping the “She”).

The Build-a-Figure was kept a mystery, so let the speculation begin! (I’d personally love to see an Annihilus or Dragon Man…….)

Additionally, they teased a new line of Legends figures that will be coming in 2020 in the vein of the Marvel 80th Anniversary figure line.

In the “bad news” front for 3.75″ scale collectors, when asked if any new figures were coming in that scale Hasbro’s Dwight Stall replied “We never say never,” but his comments made it seem like nothing is planned at this time.

Lastly, they announced a Marvel Legends…T-Shirt line! For all the fans who have asked the Hasbro team “Where can I get a shirt like the ones you wear at SDCC” the answer is… Later today several T-Shirts will be listed, some with figure art on them, and one that just has the Marvel Legends logo.

All the details will be discussed in the next new Marvelicious Toys Podcast, LIVE next week!

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