New Podcast: Issue 55: Oh man…LOGAN!!

Collectors always want what they haven’t got, and this week what you probably don’t have is an Old Man Logan figure. Initially stated to be released at New York Comic-Con to subscribers to Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited, many con goers waited in line to find out that Marvel had no Logan, but just the same Dr. Doom figure they had last year. On this week’s Marvelicious Toys, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie run down the facts and the rumors surrounding this kit-bashed exclusive.

Also on this week’s show, Marjorie and Arnie report from the Toy Man Toy Show in St. Louis, and Fallcon in St. Paul, MN. Listen to find out about the toys from the 90s through today as toy show bargains!

With reports of two new exclusive items hitting shelves, some barware that is the best bar none, discussion of 3 new Marvel Legends, and more, it’s all on this week’s Marvelicious Toys podcast!

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