New Podcast: Issue 80: Iron Man 3–This is Getting Expensive

It has been a year since Avengers blew us all away with it’s action, effects, and wit. Finally last Friday (in the US) the armored Avenger has returned for his fourth big-screen outing. Iron Man films have always been accompanied by toys and collectibles, but after Avengers made more than a billion dollars, Iron Man 3 has more than ever before. There are, of course, the Hasbro figures, but also the Micro Muggs, Superhero Squad, Kotobukiya Statues, Sideshow Life-Sized Figures, and the Hot Toys, oh lord, the Hot Toys.

On this week’s Marvelicious Toys podcast, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie give their reactions to the film. They also look at the collectibles and discuss exactly how many suits of armor is too many.

And we want you on a future Marvelicious Toys podcast. We want your thoughts on Iron Man 3, as well as on high-end Marvel statue collecting for a future show! Leave us a voicemail at 803-MARVEL4 or send an MP3 to so we can record your thoughts!

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