New Podcast: Issue 91: Hasbro Panel & Marvel Studio Press Conferences SDCC 2013

Note: Starting in May, 2013 with version 11.0.3 an Apple iTunes update changed the iTunes Miniplayer. This update changed what must be done to view enhanced podcast images in iTunes. To view these images:Start playing the podcast in iTunes. At the top of iTunes you will see the player bar with a small icon of the show cover art.

In Windows hold down Ctrl and click the cover icon. In Mac hold down Command and click the cover icon. This will pop up a new window where you can see enhanced images. (if you just click on the icon it only shows a larger icon, no enhanced images).In the universe of Marvel collecting the center is Hasbro. From Marvel Legends to Marvel Universe, movie tie-in figures and more, Hasbro holds the exclusive license to Marvel action figures. With all the changes lately, from lower articulation figures aimed at children to Iron Man Assemblers, fans and collectors were anxious for news on what Hasbro will do next. You heard a brief recap in our last issue, but now hear the entire Marvel brand presentation. And view the slides from the show on our web site, or the enhanced podcast!

Plus hear the press conferences for the upcoming Marvel Studios films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy!

We want your feedback! Please take a few minutes and take the Marvelicious Toys listener poll and tell us what you’d like to hear on the show!

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