New Podcast: Issue 94: The Vonner Files

From 2006 to 2012 David Vonner was a Senior Product Designer at Hasbro, and the face of Marvel Universe action figures. Arguably, no other single person had as much influence over the creation, character selection, and design of Hasbro’s flagship 3.75-inch Marvel figure line. Even figures just now hitting retail were made due to Vonner’s passion and direction for Marvel. But as announced at San Diego Comic-Con International the Marvel Universe line is ending, replaced with the stylistically similar Avengers Assemble figure line. On this issue of Marvelicious Toys Vonner sits down with Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie to discuss his passion for Marvel figures. Everything is discussed, from figures he’d championed that never got made to figures he would never make. Which real-life starlet was the model for Ms. Marvel’s bust? What does David think of the change in direction for Marvel action figures? Are smart phones and internet killing action figures? And do collectors really need Hyperion in two figure scales so close together? Listen for an unprecidented look behind the scenes of action figures from the man who saw it all unfold!

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