Issue 101: Super Thor Bros!

Tomorrow the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow with Thor: The Dark World. With the mighty Avenger back on screen he is also back in toy stores with Hasbro’s new line of 3.75-inch Thor figures. This line features two versions of Thor, plus Loki, Kurse, and a Dark Elf. On this week’s Marvelicious Toys podcast hosts Marjorie, Justin, and Arnie provide hands-on reviews of these figures. Is this a figure line collectors should pay attention to? Listen to find out!

Also on this week’s show the hosts discuss the two newest Marvel movie trailers – Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

With a review of the new LEGO Marvel video game, an update on some Uncanny Marvel Universe figures, a run-down of new figures in the latest two waves of Marvel Universe figures, and more, it’s all in this week’s Marvelicious Toys podcast!

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