Hot Toys re-releases Hulk, adds Bruce Banner Figure. Preorder Now.


Sideshow keeps the new Hot Toys figures coming!  Yesterday they released the exclusive, much anticipated Iron Man in MIDAS Armor (now on waitlist but you MIGHT be able to still get one).  Now, today, they have put up for pre-order their Hulk and Bruce Banner figures.

Bruce Banner is a totally new figure from Hot Toys.  This figure is incredibly detailed with an eerily realistic Mark Ruffalo likeness, his purple shirt outfit from The Avengers, his glasses, and Loki’s Chitauri scepter.  With over 30 points of articulation this figure likely moves more than Banner ever did on screen!  Expected to ship in September, 2014 this figure is available alone for $189.99

But who wants a Banner but not a Hulk?  The Hot Toys Hulk figure has found an incredible (pardon the pun) life in the aftermarket.  The Hot Toys Hulk has been long sold out online, and eBay prices spiked as high as $600, with an average being $400-$500 for the big green guy.  Now, through a package deal, Hot Toys is offering you a second chance to get the Hulk figure as part of a combo pack with Bruce Banner.  This pack is a Sideshow Exclusive, and comes with brand new Hulk accessories–a base showing a “Smashed” Chitauri plus two accessories that look like steel girders for Hulk to weild.  Plus you get the huge Hulk figure that was previously available, that stands over 16.5 inches tall, has 20 points of articulation, and looks like he jumped off the movie screen.

Get Banner to keep your Avengers assembled, or get the pair, they ship in September but Flex Pay is available.  Get your order in now at Sideshow’s site!  And remember, if ordering these Hot Toys or any item from Sideshow, please use the links from our site or e-mail to help support the Marvelicious Toys site and podcast!

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