Sideshow Collectibles Preorder – Premium Format Captain America Winter Soldier Movie Version


Earlier this week  Sideshow Collectibles teased new Premium Format Figure line tying into Captain America: The Winter Soldier!  They immediately promised Captain America and The Winter Soldier 1/4 scale statues, and already the first–the Captain America Premium Format figure is up for order!

In a bit of an unusual move, Sideshow has no photos of this item available for the pre-order–not even the prototype.  However the description promises “a stunning likeness of award-winning actor Chris Evans” and a “screen-accurate sculpted costume” and finally “switch-out classic and stealth shields.”

Honestly all of those sound really nice, but the question I have is if this is going to be Steve Rogers in the Captain America outfit, or if he’s in the new SHIELD blue outfit.  I think it is the former, as the exclusive edition of this statue comes with a switch-out unmasked head (the regular edition comes only with the masked head).

At $398 this is one of the more expensive Premium Format Figures from Sideshow (not counting the larger figures like Hulk and Apocalypse).  With no photos I am hesitant to order, however perhaps due to the lack of product photography you can now pre-order Cap with no non-refundable deposit.  So there is really no risk if the photos are not to your liking.

If you are already a Cap fan you know you need that exclusive edition, so go and order now!



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