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Update:  Yesterday we posted eFX Collectibles’ new Captain America Shield.  In 12 hours this product completely sold out from eFX Collectibles, however a number of these shields were reserved for eFX’s online retailers.  You can still order this shield now from Entertainment Earth!  Don’t miss out on your last chance to own this piece without the eBay markup!  


eFX Shield 1


eFX Shield 2For several years eFX has been showing off their Avengers prop replicas.  Thor’s helmet and hammer, Iron Man’s mask, and Captain America’s shield.  As reported on the podcast Marvelicious Toys, eFX Collectibles’ commitment to high quality delayed this shield and put its eventual release in jeopardy.

But word came down from Wondercon that this high-end prop replica is in production!  It’s expected to ship in August, 2014 and the pre-orders begin today, May 1st, 2014!

The shield is a full-scale replica, measuring 24-inches in diameter.  The master pattern for this item was cast from the original molds used to make the “hero” screen used prop, and those same shields were repainted and reused for The Winter Soldier film.  And like the shields seen in the movie this replica is made from fiberglass and metal to provide a lightweight, durable item.  Simply put, this will be the most authentic Captain America shield replica you can buy.

This eFX Collectibles release is limited to 1500 pieces, and comes with a wall display, numbered plaque, prop story and certificate of authenticity.  All for the price of $599 (plus shipping and, for California residents, sales tax).

eFX Collectibles is offering two payment methods.  The first 200 people to choose to pay the full amount in advance will get a shield before everyone else, part of the first shipment of this prop.  Additionally they will receive a low edition number and free shipping.

Otherwise you can choose to pre-order with a $200 non-refundable deposit.  A second payment of $200 will be due when the shield is in stock, and a final payment of $199 + tax and shipping will be due 30 days after payment 2.

With only 1,500 of these props available I expect they will sell out much faster than the Thor helmet and hammer.  So at 9am PST hurry to eFX Collectibles’ site and get yours!

233And while there be sure to check out their other collectible–the Iron Man 2 Mark V Armor Suitcase Mobile Fuel Cell!  A scaled-down version of Tony Stark’s suitcase, this is a collectible with a purpose:  to charge your USB devices!  Inside this suitcase is a 12,000 mAh battery that can fully charge 5 iPhone 5Ss or 1 iPad Air.  It can power some smartphones directly for 45 hours!  And yet it still has the detail associated with an eFX Collectibles product, modeled from the original prop and 3D digital files used in the film.  Plus it has 3 LEDs on the front to indicate its current power remaining.  At only $99 it’s a useful device, or a great, but small, collectible to sit on display!

Both are available this morning at eFX Collectibles.




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