Issue 116: C2-Tattoo

Last weekend was C2E2 in Chicago and Marjorie and Arnie were there to look at the new toys shown by Diamond Select Toys, show exclusives, toys on the floor, and more! Listen to this episode of Marvelicious Toys podcast to hear about Chicago’s biggest comic and toy convention!And from the biggest convention to the smallest Funko Marvel Toys — Mystery Minis have exploded into the marketplace. On this episode Marjorie reviews some Mini figures provided to us by show sponsor Dorkside Toys!With a Timely Review of Toy Biz X-Men teams, a chance to win a Marvel Infinite Series Wasp figure, some SDCC event news, and so much more, it’s all in this Marvelicious Toys podcast!

And hear Arnie’s reviews of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier at

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