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Hulk is an interesting Marvel Comics character.  Envisioned originally by Stan Lee as an anti-hero, a monster like the Werewolf and Frankenstein, his comic was cancelled after 6 issues.  The character never went away, though, and despite middling sales he became the first Marvel Superhero to have a mass media break-out with the 1970s TV Series.   The 80s were a pretty good time for Hulk–in addition to the NBC Saturday morning cartoon he also had a great comics run by Todd McFarlane and Peter David in the late 80s and early 90s that expanded the character and took him to new places psychologically.  While he never became as globally recognizable as Spider-Man, Hulk certainly seemed to be Marvel’s #2 guy.

But translating that success to mainstream audiences seemed hard.  Ang Lee’s Hulk film, released the year after Sam Raimi’s blockbuster Spider-Man, failed to find an audience.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe 2008 Incredible Hulk reboot also disappointed and has been mostly forgotten in all the future Marvel movies.  It took Joss Wheadon and The Avengers to make Hulk a stand-out star.  While holding off on a Hulk solo film, all the anticipation about Avengers 2 seems to be about the big green guy.

But could even Hulk lift all the Premium Format products Sideshow has now been releasing?  Shortly after The Avengers hit theaters Sideshow Collectibles put up for pre-order their Hulk Maquette.  This statue is still available to order, and it was a gorgeous, huge piece showing the character in his Avengers movie incarnation.

But for a comic inspired Hulk fans had to wait quite a while.  Finally in late 2013 Sideshow offered up Gladiator Hulk, showing the character in armor from Greg Pak’s popular 2006 story arc.  While we commented on Marvelicious Toys that anyone unfamiliar with the character arc may confuse this Hulk for an Orc from World of Warcraft, it is a huge piece showing a more comic-book familiar rendition of Bruce Banner’s alter ego. (This statue is set to ship next month and is still available).

But finally, over the past two months, Sideshow has gone back to the original comics and offered not one, not two, but three Incredible Hulk statues.  A repaint of the same body, with different heads and, in the case of Gray Hulk, an exclusive shirt, Sideshow let fans have their choice of Hulk in red, gray, or green.

I have pre-ordered all four of those recent Hulk statues, inspired by the quality and craftsmanship shown in the Avengers maquette.  But when the Gray Hulk Premium Format went up for pre-order I felt that Sideshow had reached the end of its Hulk run.

Imagine my surprise when Sideshow today announced new Planet Hulk inspired Hulk Premium Format Figure–King Hulk!

There is no doubt this is an impressive statue.  Standing 28-inches tall, weighing 25 pounds, this figure shows off Hulk’s ripped body with his metal arm plate and wielding two weapons.   More, it is a Sideshow Exclusive product ensuring rarity.  You can pre-order this figure now from Sideshow Collectibles, and Flex Pay options are available as low as $77.14 per month.


But…how many Hulks are too many Hulks?

Let us know in the comments below!

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