I AM GROOT! Pre-Order your Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon and/or Groot now!

902239-rocket-and-groot-005I AM GROOT!



Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles has surprised us!  Now there are a total of three Hot Toys 1/6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series figures up for pre-order today!  Earlier we announced the Toy Fairs Exclusive Iron Man in Python Armor figure, and now available for pre-order are the Guardians of the Galaxy heroes Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

Rocket Raccoon is a smaller figure, and priced accordingly.  Wearing his grey and orange space suit, he comes with 17 points of articulation, his big rifle from the film, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, and a figure stand.  At 1/6 scale he stands 16cm (just over 6-inches) tall.

Then there is Groot, the giant tree.  As trees are not very nimble he has only 15 points of articulation…but he’s big, standing 39cm (well over 15-inches) tall!  He also has 3 interchangeable pairs of hands.

But if you’re the type of collector (or just The Collector) who has to have both you can get even more!  Sideshow’s exclusive figure 2-pack gives you both figures, plus you get 3 extra Groot accessories — 2 more pairs of hands, plus an alternate Groot face showing his angry expression.

These are up for order now, and as the Guardians gain heat they’re likely to be in high demand, so head to Sideshow and order your Rocket, Groot, or both now!


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