Pre-Order Alert: Die Cast Iron Man Mark III Exclusive and Mark III Construction Version



Hot Toys collectors, your day just got a little bit cooler!  Sideshow Collectibles has put up for pre-order two new versions of the Iron Man Mark III armor as seen in the first Iron Man movie!

First we have the Iron Man Mark III Armor.  This is the iconic red-and-gold suit Tony Stark dons about halfway through the first film.  Hot Toys has released this figure before, but collectors complained that the figure was a bit shorter than the later Hot Toys figures, and the face sculpt wasn’t as perfected.  Now Hot Toys brings their latest technology to the figure–it’s made of die cast metal!  You can hear (or watch) our review of Hot Toys’ amazing Iron Patriot die cast figure in Marvelicious Toys Issue 119 (and that figure is still available to order from Sideshow as well).  By going die cast Hot Toys has taken their already astounding figures to the next level, so for many who even already own the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III this upgrade is worth a purchase.

9022241-iron-man-mark-iii-001More, through Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys is offering an exclusive version of this figure that comes with an accessory you can’t get anywhere else:  a 1/6 scale version of Tony Stark’s first arc reactor in the case as Pepper Potts gave him as a gift in that Iron Man film!  It’s a neat accessory that is sure to make this item highly sought after on the secondary market.

More, you get a ton of accessories (pictured right) including a changeable Tony Stark head, LED eyes and chest RT, removable chest and torso armor, interchangeable forearm rockets, interchangeable shoulder guns, interchangeable countermeasure dispensers, 3 pairs of hands, and a light-up figure stand.

902244-product-siloAnd for those Hot Toys collectors who like to make dioramas or environments, there’s a more unique Iron Man Mark III up for order today–the Iron Man Mark III Construction Version.  Priced at only $149.99 this is about half the price of a normal Hot Toys Iron Man, which is fitting as it’s half an Iron Man!  This item recreates the Mark III armor as shown undergoing repairs in Tony Stark’s workshop.  With the chest plates off, shown hanging from chains with wires extending beneath, it’s an interesting accessory that your Tony Stark figure can tinker with!

So hurry and order the Die Cast Iron Man Mark III or the Iron Man Mark III Construction Version now from Sideshow Collectibles!

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