Now Playing soars on iTunes, Bleeding Cool covers ‘The 40-Year-Old Critic’

Venganza Media celebrated dual successes on Thursday, as Now Playing Podcast’s Guardians of the Galaxy review cracked the Top 5 on iTunes, while the company’s latest project — Arnie Carvalho’s The 40-Year-Old Critic — received a welcome reception from pop culture website

“I love hearing people talk passionately about their interests, and there are fewer people that do so with as much vigor and resourcefulness as one Arnie Carvalho,” Bleeding Cool’s Jeremy Konrad wrote of the Venganza Media founder and Now Playing Podcast co-host.

In anticipation of his 40th birthday, Carvalho has been taking a look back at an influential film for every year of his life. That list includes hits like Jaws and E.T., but also notorious flops such as Popeye and Howard the Duck – the latter having previously been featured in one of Now Playing Podcast’s most famous episodes.

Konrad’s Q&A also covers the podcast’s popular donation shows, Carvalho’s toy collection, and Now Playing Podcast’s continued dominance of Apple’s iTunes podcast page.

Now Playing Podcast is currently featured in iTunes “What’s Hot” section, and on Thursday the review of Guardians of the Galaxy reached No. 3 on the Top 200 TV & Film episode chart. The review — released Monday — is the latest entry into Now Playing’s celebrated Marvel Comics Movie Retrospective Series, which began in 2011 and has covered every theatrical and television film featuring a Marvel superhero.

Now Playing Podcast is also wrapping up its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles retrospective, with the final film in the five-episode series scheduled for release Tuesday, Aug. 12.


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