Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive Emma Frost Premium Format Figure


The White Queen Emma Frost has already been recreated as a Sideshow Premium Format Figure, in a statue based on the art of J. Scott Campbell.  That statue, released back in 2009, is still a great piece but as Sideshow’s roster of quarter-scale X-Men has grown, that older statue did not fit with the more realistic aesthetics of the modern Premium Format line.  Numerous fans have requested Sideshow revisit Emma Frost in a style that would go alongside the figures of the past few years like Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Gray.

3001711-product-siloNow Sideshow has put up for pre-order the brand new version of Emma Frost.  Standing 20-inches tall, designed by Kris Anka, this new Emma looks as she did as the 1980 Queen of the Hellfire Club.  The statue’s base is themed after that hedonistic, underground society.

And if you hurry and get Sideshow’s Exclusive Edition you get a swap-out head showing the White Queen with her short hair.  These alternate heads on Rogue and Storm have driven the prices of exclusive editions sky-high on eBay, but now you can get one for the regular price!

I saw this statue in person at San Diego Comic-Con.  While it may be on the risque side for some collectors, the piece is beautifully sculpted.  The long cape in back is fur trimmed and able to be draped in a number of ways.  This statue is great for Frost fans be it in her comics, in X-Men: First Class or even X-Men Origins: Wolverine or that old Generation X TV movie!

She is scheduled to ship in April, 2015 and Flex-Pay is available, so get your order in now at Sideshow Collectibles!

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