Pre-Order Alert: Spider-Man J Scott Campbell Maquette, Classic Colors, from Sideshow Collectibles




Up for pre-order right now is Sideshow Collectibles’ Spider-Man Classic Polystone Statue, part of their J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection.

This statue stands over a foot-and-a-half tall, showing the wall crawler doing just that, ready to shoot his webs at an unknown enemy.

2002652-spider-man-classic-013This statue is based on the same art and sculpt of their previous J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man statue, but features the web-head in his black-and-red coloring from the McFarlane era.  More, the base is re-decorated showing a broken off, classic Spider-Man logo, resembling a comic book cover in three dimensions far more than the previous red and blue statue.

Sideshow Collectibles has been finding ways to reuse their sculpts for some time now.  While this isn’t entirely new, they did a Gray Hulk and Negative Zone Spider-Man Premium Format Figures, it seems more prevalent now than before.  In the past year they released the Storm Premium Format in white, the Gladiator Hulk redone as King Hulk, they used a new Hulk body to release three different Hulk statues, and then repainted their Deadpool Premium Format Gray.

On Marvelicious Toys I’ve usually railed against high-end repaints–it’s fine for a $12 or $20 figure, but seems excessive for a $300-$400 statue.  In this case, however, it feels less like a cash-grab and more artistic.  The exclusive version of the Campbell Spider-Man Maqeutte sold out, and this paint app has a totally different feel than the original.  The different bases help differentiate the statue and make it feel like a nice option, or a chance for those who missed out on the original to get this new version of Spider-Man.

It’s up for pre-order now at $299, and a flex pay option is available.  So place your order now at Sideshow’s site!

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