EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Avengers Figures Will be 2.5-inches, ship in January



Hasbro will be selling a 2.5-inch Avengers: Age of Ultron action figure line as soon as this February.

One of our HYDRA spies sent us the above screenshot from their inventory system.  This shows that Hasbro will be shipping 2.5-inch Avengers: Age of Ultron figure 2-packs, continuing the smaller scale figure line they debuted with their Guardians of the Galaxy figure line.  These figures are scheduled to arrive at their warehouse on January 28th.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Hasbro's Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5-inch figure line.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Hasbro’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2.5-inch figure line.

While this news may not excite action figure collectors, it actually may be a harbinger of worse news.  With Guardians of the Galaxy Hasbro eschewed the 3.75-inch scale of action figures they had made since their earliest action figure lines based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Iron Man 2.  Due to the rising cost of action figures Hasbro went with less expensive 2.5-inch figure 2-packs.  These figures had much less paint detail and articulation than Hasbro had put in their 3.75-inch lines, and many collectors wrote them off as kid’s toys.  The smaller figure style allowed for Hasbro to focus on vehicles as part of the line’s play pattern, releasing space ships seen in the movie to scale with these figures.

The news of Avengers: Age of Ultron figures may indicate Hasbro is giving their toy line for the upcoming film the same treatment they gave Guardians of the Galaxy.

At a press event held in New York last October Hasbro revealed Avengers: Age of Ultron figures in their collector-focused, 6-inch Marvel Legends line.  They also showed new figures in their Marvel Infinite Series 3.75-inch line, but these figures were comic-based rather than movie-based.  They also showed a Quinjet vehicle from the upcoming film that, while the same approximate size as the 3.75-inch scale Quinjet, Hasbro has confirmed is for 2.5-inch figures.

Hasbro reps confirmed the Quinjet toy shown at October's New York Comic-Con was scaled for 2.5-inch figures.

Hasbro reps confirmed the Quinjet toy shown at October’s New York Comic-Con was scaled for 2.5-inch figures.

When asked for more details on the likelihood of a 3.75-inch Age of Ultron figure line, a Hasbro representative confirmed the Quinjet shown was 2.5-inch scale, and added: “I can’t comment on the existence or any details of a 3.75-inch action figure line at this time. There will be more information on the Age of Ultron toy line as we get closer to Toy Fair.”

Will you be disappointed with no 3.75-inch figure line for Age of Ultron or are Legends and 2.5-inch enough?  Let us know in the comments below!

You can watch our full coverage of Hasbro’s NYCC reveals in Marvelicious Toys Issue 128!

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