Issue 158: Toy Fair 2016 Pt 1 — Hasbro, LEGO, Comicave, and more!

Hasbro has done the stuff of LEGENDS at the 2016 Toy Fair International in New York City! They have announced 4 different toy lines, all with the name of “Legends” — 3.75-inch scale, 6-inch scale, 12-inch scale, and life-sized prop replicas! Confusing? Join Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin as they sort it all out and discuss the best new toys coming later this year!

Also on this show, LEGO has a bridge to sell you — and it has a taxi hanging off of it! The hosts go through the cool new Civil War, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers LEGO sets on display at Toy Fair.

With a look at new offerings from Comicave Studios, new Re:Edit figures, and more — it’s all in this LEGENDS issue of Marvelicious Toys!

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