Issue 165: Push It. Push It Real Good!

Salt and Pepper’s here, and they’re pushing it with awesome quarter-scale, high quality custom statues–with exceedingly low production numbers. Spider-Gwen, Magneto, Spider-Ham, Captain Marvel, and more have been released. Marjorie and Arnie just got their hands on the Spider-Gwen — listen in for a full review!

Also on this week’s show, it’s CIVIL WAR! Arnie and Justin are #TeamIronMan, and Marjorie is #TeamCap. How do the three get along after seeing the new Captain America movie? Listen to see if they fight their way out of this one.

With a new (ish) wave of Marvel Legends only available in the UK, more chase Funko POP! Deadpools, a look at the new Civil War Legends 3-Pack, and so much more, it’s all in this new issue of Marvelicious Toys!

And don’t forget, Marvelicious Toys needs your help to keep operating. We need to add new team members and hopefully bring back the regular full-video episodes. To support our show and get exclusive rewards Check out our crowdfunding campaign, live now on PodBean

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