Punishment Goes Ultra HD with New 4k Blu-Ray Releases

But...what about Dolph Lundgren?



When it comes to MARVEL movies in Ultra Hi-Def, Disney is falling behind. While Marvel Studios’ new releases are being released in the 4k resolution, their back catalog of Marvel movies remain in 1080p only.

However other studios’ movies based on Marvel Comics characters aren’t so shy. Universal released The Incredible Hulk in 4k (yes, it’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s a Universal Picture, not Disney, hence why it’s the red-headed stepchild of the MCU).   Likewise, Sony released all five Spider-Man movies in 4k.  Now Lionsgate gets in on the action, announcing 4k Ultra-HD releases of 2004’s The Punisher and 2007’s Punisher: War Zone!

Both releases arrive Sept. 25 and also include regular Blu-ray releases of the films and codes for the movies in digital download format. Both have a suggested retail price of $22.99.

While The Punisher’s Blu-ray release contained no bonus features, the 4k release will have an audio commentary by director Jonathan Hensleigh, deleted scenes with director commentary, four featurettes, and the music video for Drowning Pool’s song “Step Up”.

Punisher: War Zone‘s new release carries over all bonus features from the regular Blu-ray release, including director’s commentary and five behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Are you excited to see this films like you never have before? Let us know in the comments!

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