The Best Marvel Games and Toys on Sale for Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon’s Prime Day is filled with amazing bargains–but only for Amazon Prime members, and the deals only last 1 day.

We’re here to help you find the best Marvel deals on the site without having to sort through 20 pages of junk!

(Last Update: 5:00pm ET)

Spider-Man PS4 Game Usually $39.99, Now $27.98

LEGO Marvel Collection for XBox one or PS4 Usually $59.99, Now $19.99

LEGO Marvel Collection for PS4 or XBox One Usually $59.99: $19.99

Marvel Legends Iron Man 3 (First Ten Years) 3-Pack: Pepper Potts, The Mandarin (Trevor), Iron Man Mk XXII (Usually $69.99): $53.19

Marvel Legends 12-inch Deadpool (X-Force Outfit) Usually $49.99 – $29.99

Marvel Universe (Legends 3.75-inch) Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six 7-Pack Usually $79.99: $59.99

Marvel Legends Black Panther Helmet Usually $99.99: $59.99

Marvel Legends Six-Arm Spider-Man Usually $19.99: $13.16

Marvel Legends Endgame Captain America Figure Usually $19.99: $10.99

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Car Chase 76133 Set Usually $9.84: $6.98

Endgame Electronic Gauntlet Toy Usually $19.87: $13.99

Diamond Select Toys Marvel Premier Statue — Infinity War Iron Man Mk 50 Usually $199.99: $149.00

Marvel Hail Hydra Board Game Usually $29.99: $12.52
(Editor Note: Takes a MINIMUM of 5 players to play)

Incredible Hulk 4k Blu Ray Usually $29.98: $14.96

Spider-Man: Homecoming Blu Ray Usually $19.99, Now $10.35

Venom Blu-ray Normally $38.99, Today $12.99

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse DVD Normally $30.99, Today $10.00

Spider-Man Trilogy Collection Blu-ray + Digital Usually $22.39, Today $18.50

Seven20 Mjolnir Meat Tnederizer: Usually $24.99, Now $19.99
(Editor Note: This really works well — we use one in our kitchen all the time)

Avengers: Endgame Repulsor Blast Iron Man 13-inch scale figure Usually $29.99: $19.99

Tamashii Nations Manga Realization Onmitsu Black Spider-Man Usually $90.00, today $55.99

Also are some upcoming LIGHTNING DEALS. These are limited either to a few hours or until stock is gone. You don’t know the price until the deal starts, but they’re usually some of the best Prime Day bargains so set your reminders now:

Tamashii Nations S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man (Homemade Costume) — Starts at 3:50pm ET

UPDATE: The Figuarts Spider-Man is $56, down from an MSRP of $100 (and an average Amazon price of $75…I paid $95 at BBTS).

Marvel Legends Endgame Ronin Figure — Starts at 8:45pm ET

The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete Series – Starts at 7:50 ET
(Editor’s note: This is a great series, up there with 90s Spider-Man and X-Men. If you haven’t watched it, you should give it a shot).

Spider-Man Web Warriors Chutes & Ladders Game – Starts 7/16 at 7:05am ET

NECA 1/4 Scale Ultimate Deadpool Figure – Starts 7/16 at 10:54am ET

See a great deal we missed? Email us at and we’ll get it added!

This post will be updated throughout Prime Day as new sales are found, and old deals expire!

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