Vol 2, Ep 20: Totally Retro

Party like it’s 1984 with Hasbro and Marvelicious Toys!

Hasbro’s Marvel team is full of surprises–and they love surprising their fans. For example, did anyone see the Marvel line going 3.75-inch figures with five points of articulation? Yet that’s the case with the new Retro figure line. Join the party with Arnie, Marjorie, and Justin in this show.

Another surprise…did the world need a fourth Marvel Legends Role-Play Captain America shield? It just might… our hosts look into what makes this new shield release special.

With some really hard to find…purses? Plus New Mutants home media release and more, it’s all in this new Marvelicious Toys podcast!

Watch the video podcast now:

or listen to the audio-only version:

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