Podcast: Vol 2, #28: It’s My Ned in a Box

With an exclusive Hasbro interview!

We knew it was coming…now we know what it looks like: Hasbro’s plastic-free packaging. This step towards sustainable packaging is certainly making waves among those who like to keep their figures mint in package. (Some people even buy extra plastic to protect Hasbro’s paper-and-plastic packaging). On this new podcast our hosts react to the first look at the plastic-free figure packages.

Then, in an exclusive interview, Arnie and Justin talk to Hasbro’s Marvel Team of Dan, Ryan, and Dwight to see what this means for retro carded figures, build-a-figures, and more!

Also on this show, there’s a new sub-line of Legends: the Marvel Studios Legacy Collection. These rereleased figures have paint updates, but no build-a-figures. Our hosts debate if they’re worth your dollars.

With a look at the 60th Anniversary Spider-Man figures, a Strange popcorn bucket, some love for No Way Home, and much more, it’s all in this all-new Marvelicious Toys!

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