Podcast: Vol 2, #29: The Sentinels Are Here

With an exclusive Hasbro interview!

It’s all in the hips…. it’s all in the hips….

Hasbro broke new ground with the Sentinel Haslab project. It set records for the biggest Haslab response (until beaten by the Hasbro Galactus a year later). It became the largest Marvel Legends figure of all time. It could be Master Mold, Tri-Sentinel, Battle Damaged, or regular.

It was an ambitious project, preceded by awe-inspiring online tease photos.

Was it too ambitious?

On this Marvelicious Toys, join Arnie, Justin, and Marjorie for a hands-on review of the Sentinel, as well as the included Sentinel Prime/Bastion and Female Sentinel Prime 6-inch figures. Is the Sentinel worth the hype (and possibly the after-market eBay pricing)? Find out now!

Also on this show, hear our hosts give a contemporaneous review to Sony’s Venom: Let there Be Carnage

It’s all in this brand-new Marvelicious Toys episode! Watch or listen now:

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