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Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends

Update:  Apr 1, 2014 – 20:43 These figures are again in stock so place your order now!

Update:  Apr 1, 2014 – 18:16 Amazon has changed the status of all the figures to “Currently Unavailable” meaning their original allocation is likely sold out.  Please keep your eyes here and follow Marvelicious Toys on Facebook or on Twitter and we’ll let you know if/when these are again available!

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They are the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Or they’re “a bunch of a-holes.”  Either way, they’re making their way to a theater near you this August in the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe film!  But in June the toys for the movie are scheduled to start hitting–and the pre-orders have now begun.  Right now you can order all 6 Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends figures from!

Already this summer Marvel movie fans and collectors have seen the crazy hunt for Legends figures.  From Hasbro’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Legends line where Carnage and Toxin go for $30 and up to Captain America: The Winter Soldier toy line with Black Widow going for over $60, it’s been difficult to find these figures in stores at all.  But now at Amazon you can get all six of these figures for the MSRP of $21.99, and free shipping of orders over $35 (or with Amazon Prime).

The figures that make up this Toy Line are:

From the Guardians of the Galaxy film:

Rocket Raccoon

From the Guardians of the Galaxy comic:

Iron Man

Plus buy all six and build Groot–the giant tree character voiced by Vin Diesel!

If the Captain America and Spider-Man Legends are any indication these will likely pre-sell out fast.  Save yourself gas and time and get your order in now at!



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