Marvel Madness — And the Winner Is……

2016 Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Madness Bracket - Finals

What a March Marvel Madness it has been! We started with 32 heroes plucked from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including films, TV shows, and Netflix. 29 single-elimination matches took place with you deciding the results in each case! Sure, you could have voted Howard the Duck beats Hulk, but the voters seemed to keep to the reality defined by the Marvel media.

There were close matches, like when Luke Cage beat Winter Soldier by 1 vote. And there were landslides, like when Hulk smashed Deathlok. But throughout there were fun match-ups that pitted friend vs friend. The full bracket with results is above.

And the end result came down to the two strongest heroes — Hulk vs Thor for the championship! And the contest wasn’t even close.  With 68% of the vote, the winner is……..

Hulk Wins


Hulk smashed his way through Deathlok, Black Panther, Iron Man, Punisher, and Thor to become the 2016 Marvel March Madness Champion! This green golliath truly was unstoppable in this mash-up of heroes! (Perhaps this is why Banner was sent away on a Quinjet in Age of Ultron as Civil War would simply be decided by Hulk).

Thanks from all of us at Now Playing Podcast and Marvelicious Toys to everyone who voted in any and all of these matches.  It was fun for us to see how the results went, and maybe next year we can do it again with new heroes like Dr. Strange, or perhaps with the villains — Iron Monger vs Abomination is a match I’d pay to see!

Finally, a special shout-out to Stephen Finley who wrote out narratives for each of the matches — and more often than not the vote followed his story! He posted several of them in our forums, and they’re a very fun read!

Finally, don’t forget to check in just a few weeks for our review of Captain America: Civil War, and join us biweekly at for the latest Marvel toy collecting news and reviews!

Thanks again for taking part, and EXCELSIOR!

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