Vol 2, Ep 17: These Figures Got No Game!

Thanks to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Gamerverse figures, you can recreate the fun of Marvel’s Avengers video game on your shelf! With Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Iron Man, and the build-a-figure Abomination the game comes to life!

Wait…there’s no game yet? So…if we don’t love (or even know) the game yet, what’s the imputus to buy these figures? Are they great toys independant from any delayed video game?

On this Marvelicious Toys Justin, Arnie, and Marjorie review the entire Avengers Gamerverse wave of Legends with four figures based on the upcoming game, and four figures from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Plus a look at Jada’s Hollywood Rides cars, Venomverse toys, and more…follow The Leader figure and watch our new show now!

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